How can I redeem my ad coupon code

After logging in, click on your username on the header menu, then visit ‘Ads’, then click on ‘Create Advert’, once you set up your campaign you click on “Proceed to pay”, then will find a box you can put your coupon code, once you enter your coupon code, click on […]

Payment Cycle

Payment cycles will be automatically billed depending on the preference of the member. If member choses monthly plans, then payment will be charged automatically on monthly basis.

How can I pay for my Pro account

The privacy and safety of our members is our priority, hence we are currently dealing with one of the best payment platform in the world, Braintree (By PayPal). Braintree has been embedded in our “Go Pro” page, you can visit our “Go Pro” page to process your payment.

What is a Profile URL

Your URL is the domain and link where people can find your profile inside Doodeo. It’s your address inside Doodeo. The address for your professional profile and portfolio. If other users are searching for you on Doodeo, make sure to use an easy name facilitating it to be located. If […]